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The World's Most Precise Finish Boring Heads with Sub-micron Adjustability for Critical Tolerances

KAISER finish boring heads deliver unsurpassed performance. They are manufactured with craftsmanship and materials that will allow them to perform long after other tools have served their useful life. This makes them more accurate, flexible, and more cost effective.

It's KAISER quality for unsurpassed precision and durability. Guaranteed.

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Series 112 Series 310 Series 318

ø = .079" - 3.150"
ø = 3.150" - 6.000"

ø = .590" - 8.000"

ø = 7.795" - 118"

• High adjustment precision, 1 division = .0002"/dia. (.00005"/dia for digital)

• Wide variety of carbide and steel boring bars with replaceable insert holders.

• Balanceable, for high speed over the entire work range.

• Short projection with unlimited boring bar depth.

• Patented tool carrier locking system assures repeatability without changing diameter.

• Large dial with micrometric precision of 1 division = to .0005"/dia. (.00005"/dia for digital)

• Replaceable insert holders use ANSI standard, positive geometry inserts.

• Automatic balancing feature, allows speeds up to 6,600 SFM.

• Precision boring head locates on patented dovetail slides, providing stability, repeatability and safety.

• Modular design provides optimum capabilities and flexibility; can be used with 40 taper machines.

• Counterweights and coolant nozzles assure precision balance and long tool life.

• Large dial with micrometric precision of 1 division = to .0005"/dia. (.00005"/dia for digital)

EWB Finish Head

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