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Executives–The senior management of BIG Kaiser. 
Chris Kaiser Jack Burley Michael Herman

Chris Kaiser
847.228.7660 ex.101

Jack Burley
V.P., Sales & Engineering
847.228.7660 ex.111

Michael Herman
National Sales Manager

Territory Sales Managers–Managing outside sales activities within their specific territories.
Fred Messmer Heinz Ulb    

Fred Messmer
Eastern Region Sales Manager
847.228.7660 ex.127

Heinz Ulb
Director of Sales &
Engineering — Mexico



Operations–The people that make sure things in the office run smoothly. 
Tim Grosch Wayne Rupar Daniela Pison  

Tim Grosch
Operations Manager
847.228.7660 ex.119

Wayne Rupar
847.228.7660 ex.118

Daniela Pison-Sumner
Executive Asst. to President
847.228.7660 ex.101


Administration–Helps out the different departments at BIG Kaiser, answers the phones and makes sure everything is
well taken care of.
Kathy Johnson Christina Buazard Darlene Charvat  

Kathy Johnson
Accounting Assistant
847.228.7660 ex.102

Christina Buazard
Purchasing/Admin. Assistant
847.228.7660 ex.100

Darlene Charvat
Administrative Assistant
847.228.7660 ex.139


Inside Sales–More then just an order desk. Your BIG Kaiser Inside Sales Representatives can assist you with most issues you may have. Not only is Inside Sales happy to take your order, they can also answer most product, account, or procedure questions. No matter how tough the question, Inside Sales can help you find the answer.
Dave Stonesifer Andrea Distelhorst Denise Pulvermacher Sandy Naeher

Dave Stonesifer
Sales Manager
847.228.7660 ex.109

Andrea Distelhorst
Inside Sales Manager
847.228.7660 ex.104

Denise Pulvermacher
Senior Inside Sales Asst.
847.228.7660 ex.126

Sandy Naeher
Inside Sales
847.228.7660 ex.133

Tylor Reed Kathy Skocz    

Tylor Reed
Inside Sales
847.228.7660 ex.112

Kathy Skocz
Inside Sales
847.228.7660 ex.132



Marketing–The people involved in the support and promoting of all BIG Kaiser products and tradeshows through numerous mediums to ensure that the BIG Kaiser name successfully penetrates the market.
Tim Stapula Heather True Vikki LaRocco Mike Caruso

Tim Stapula
Marketing Manager
847.228.7660 ex.120

Heather True
Graphic Designer
847.228.7660 ex.124

Vikki LaRocco
Business Development Rep.
847.228.7660 ex.121

Mike Caruso
Business Development Rep.
847.228.7660 ex.105

Nic Kaiser      

Nic Kaiser
Web & Media Designer
847.228.7660 ex.135




Engineering–The people who design tool set ups, handle service calls and work closely with end users to ensure they receive maximum utility and efficiency from BIG Kaiser Tooling.
Jack Burley Alan Miller Matt Tegelman John Zaya

Jack Burley
V.P., Sales & Engineering
847.228.7660 ex.111

Alan Miller
Engineering Manager
Product Manager - BIG
847.228.7660 ex.103

Matt Tegelman
Applications Manager
Product Manager - KAISER
847.228.7660 ex.114

John Zaya
Product Manager -
Workholding Systems
847.228.7660 ex.130

Cory Cetkovic.jpg
Alex Morrison.jpg

Cory Cetkovic
Applications Engineer
Product Manager - Sphinx
847.228.7660 ex.203

Alex Morrison
847.228.7660 ex.108


Tool Measuring Systems–The department provides sales and service support for high precision Speroni & Diaset
Tool Measuring & Presetting Systems. Let these trained professionals show you how to increase spindle utilization,
machine time, precision, productivity & profits.
Doug Sumner
Anthony Bylina
Dan Mikal
Pat Cratty

Doug Sumner
Product Manager
Tool Measuring Systems
847.228.7660 ex.115

Anthony Bylina
Product Specialist
Tool Measuring Systems
847.228.7660 ex.110

Dan Mikal
Service Technician
Tool Measuring Systems
847.228.7660 ex.134

Pat Cratty
Service Technician
Tool Measuring Systems
847.228.7660 ex.106

Robert Burns Aga Kalfas

Robert Burns
Service Technician
Tool Measuring Systems
847.228.7660 ex.106

Aga Kalfas
Sales & Service Coordinator
Tool Measuring Systems
847.228.7660 ex.117

Workholding–The department that is responsible for workholding and clamping design & applications. With the versatile and precise Unilock and Uniclamp systems, the professionals at BIG Kaiser can find a cost effective solution for you.
John Zaya Gerard Vacio    

John Zaya
Product Manager
Workholding Systems
847.228.7660 ex.130

Gerard Vacio
Product Specialist
Workholding Systems
847.228.7660 ex.201



Information Technology–Responsible for maintaining the servers and client workstations that keep BIG Kaiser up and running.
Tom Kalfas Mark Demzien    

Tom Kalfas
I.T. Manager
847.228.7660 ex.116

Mark Demzien
I.T. Assistant
847.228.7660 ex.136



Repairs–The place to send your damaged tools. BIG Kaiser's full service repair shop guarantees speedy renovation of BIG Kaiser Boring Tool Systems. Replacements are available overnight, if needed.
Lenny J. Diericks Shawn Stevens    

Lenny J. Diericks
Repair Technician
847.228.7660 ex.113

Shawn Stevens
Repair Technician (CPTAE)
847.228.7660 ex.202



Shipping–The people who ensure the tooling orders go out quickly and arrive on time.
Bryan Keller Francisco Gomez Joe Sumner Patrick Flannagan

Bryan Keller
Shipping Manager
847.228.7660 ex.122

Francisco Gomez
Shipping & Receiving Asst.
847.228.7660 ex.122

Joe Sumner
Shipping & Receiving Asst.
847.228.7660 ex.122

Patrick Flannagan
Warehouse & Logistics Assistant
847.228.7660 ex.122