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Dyna Test: Precision Test Bar for Static Accuracy

Dyna Test bar

Dyna Test is a precision test bar for static accuracy. This precision
test bar is developed by high technology and the strict quality control
of BIG Daishowa. Regular inspection with this test bar helps to identify
potential problems.


A product of:

Dyna Test in action

Precision measuring equipment for machine tool spindle maintenance

  • run out less than 0.0003" at
    test bar nose
  • run out less than 0.0008" at 11.81" of test bar
  • Helps Reduce Down Time and Costly Repairs
  • Identifies potential problems with spindles and bearings
  • Comes with an aluminum case to protect and store test bar

A Variety of Dyna Test
BIG-PLUS Dyna Test HSK Dyna Test BIG CAPTO Dyna Test




BCV Shank: BCV40-2.00-L13.5SD, BCV50-2.00-L13.5SD

BBT Shank: BBT30-32-L150, BBT30-32-L235, BBT40-50-L200, BBT40-50-L350, BBT50-50-L200, BBT50-50-L360

HSK form A: HSK-A40-32-L180SD, HSK-A50-32-L240SD, HSK-A63-50-L200SD, HSK-A63-50-L350SD, HSK-A100-50-L200SD, HSK-A100-50-L350SD

HSK form E: HSK-E25-20-L175,
HSK-E32-20-L180, HSK-E40-32-L180, HSK-E50-32-L240

HSK form F: HSK-F63-50-L200,

For BIG CAPTO:C5-32-150,
C5-32-215, C5-40-250, C6-40-200, C6-40-320, C8-40-200, C8-40-320

Dyna Test precision spindle cleaner 3

Precision measuring tools of the highest quality for machine tool maintenance

For maintaining the precision of your equipment to ensure a stable production environment

Deflection at A and B from nose to 11.81" distance. Less than 0.0006".

The cause of machine tool runout stems from wear of the spindle bearings. Regular inspection with Dyna Test helps identify potential problems and can reduce downtime and costly repairs of the machine tool spindle.