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Chamfer Tools: C-Cutter Mini

C-Cutter Mini

The C-Cutter Mini is an ultra high feed chamfering mill with a compact design. This design reduces the cutting diameter to the lowest limit, helping to achieve ultra high spindle speeds and feeds. The C-Cutter Mini delivers multi-functional cutting, including chamfering, back chamfering and even light face milling. The C-Cutter Mini is available in single insert and 4-insert designs.

A product of:

C-cutter mini Flv

C-Cutter Mini in action

Ultra High Feed Cutter Multiplies Speeds and Feeds During Chamfering Operations

  • Performs chamfering, back chamfering & light face milling
  • Ultra high feed rates
  • Increased spindle speeds
  • Increased cutting speeds
  • Reduces hand de-burring
  • Small cutting diameter
  • Indexable inserts with 4 cutting edges
  • 4-insert design allows 45º chamfering, .433" - 1.654"
  • 1-insert design allows 30º, 45º and 60º chamfering, .079" - .630"

Competitor Comparison
C-Cutter Mini
C-Cutter Mini vs competitor
Small cutting diameter and 4 inserts
Large cutting diameter with only 1 or 2 inserts

Multi-functional Cutting Capabilities

The C-Cutter Mini performs regular chamfering, back chamfering (which reduces hand de-burring), and even allows light face milling (possible only with 45º 4-insert type with .394" insert).

C-Cutter Mini can chamfer, back bore, and face mill

Application Example
C-Cutter Mini application examples

45° Front & Back Chamfering - Multi-Insert Types

Shank Ø: 12/16/20/32mm

Min cutting dia: Ø.394
Max cutting dia: Ø1.654

Adapter Sizes: KAB1, KAB3, KAB4

Min range: Ø.866
Max range: Ø2.047

Front & Back Chamfering - Single-Insert Type
30°/45°/60° Front Chamfering

Shank Ø: 10/16mm

Min cutting dia: Ø.236
Max cutting dia: Ø.866

Shank Ø: 10/16mm

Min cutting dia:
Ø.079 - Max cutting dia: Ø.551
Min cutting dia:
Ø.079 - Max cutting dia: Ø.551

Min cutting dia:
Ø.354 - Max cutting dia: Ø.630

45° Bolt Hole & Tap Hole Chamfering
Indexable Inserts

Shank Ø: 12/16/20mm

Min Cutting dia:
Max Cutting dia: Ø.827

Min Cutting dia:
Max Cutting dia: Ø.827


(ACP200 Only)