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Close The Performance Gap with BIG-PLUS®

BIG-PLUS® is a spindle system that provides dual contact between the spindle face and the flange face of BIG-PLUS® tooling. Simply by switching holders, you can greatly increase tool rigidity, reduce runout and add significant productivity to your machining applications. BIG-PLUS® holders and spindles are manufactured to micron level specifications.

The unique tool holding technology increases surface contact with the tool holder, maximizing rigidity and clamping pressure. There is a significant advantage in tool life, accuracy and cutting capability when compared to standard tool holders. Because of the unique design, the system allows complete interchangeability between existing tooling and spindle systems. No shim kits or spindle face qualification is necessary.

The Benefits of BIG-PLUS® Do Not Stop There

When used with a BIG-PLUS® spindle, there is the additional benefit of contact between both taper and flange of the holder and spindle. This Dual Contact design further improves rigidity and accuracy, eliminating fluctuations in z-axis precision due to tool draw.

BIG-PLUS® Overview
& Application Examples

There is a Good Chance Your Spindle is Already BIG-PLUS®

Whether you requested it or not, your machine may have a BIG-PLUS® spindle. BIG Daishowa developed one of the world's most adopted OEM specifications in BT and CAT spindle design. As a result, BIG-PLUS® spindles are often standard equipment on machines ordered with a CAT or BT interface. While this spindle works with all CAT or BT holders, there is a distinct performance advantage when used with BIG-PLUS® tool holders.

Dual Contact Does Not = BIG-PLUS®

Other manufacturers reverse-engineer dual contact tooling. But to function properly, the precision in the manufacturing of the tool must be absolute - requiring extremely advanced, temperature controlled processes. The ONLY way to guarantee that you are purchasing a product that has been engineered to the exact design specification of the spindle manufacturer is to look for the BIG-PLUS® trademark on the tool itself. This indicates it is a licensed product and meets stringent specifications.

BIG-PLUS® Manufacturing
& Licensing Examples

When BIG-PLUS® fits the application we guarantee higher performance

BIG PLUS Catalog

The BIG-PLUS® spindle system is offered by many of the world's leading manufacturers of machining centers. Some of the machine and spindle builders who have produced BIG-PLUS® spindles are as follows:


Mitsui Seiki
Mori Seiki
And many others