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shell mill/shrink fit/end mill

Shell Mill/Shrink Fit/End Mill tool holders offer high clamping forces, low runout, and a small nose diameter to reduce clearance issues. BIG Kaiser manufactures these holders to the highest standards with the highest quality materials. This enables us to guarantee exceptional runout, without sacrificing clamping force.


A product of:

Shrink Fit Toolholder Shell Mill Toolholder End Mill Toolholder

C5, C6


C6, C8

Clamping Range Dia.: .236"-.472"
Gauge Length: 4.134"-6.496"

Clamping Range Dia.: .750"-1.500"
Gauge Length: 2.000"

Clamping Range Dia.: 3mm-20mm
Gauge Length: 135mm-150mm