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Compact Angle Heads: Perfect for Smaller M/C's

Compact Angle Head

Compact Angle Heads are approximately 25 percent lighter when compared with standard units. The case and head are substantially reduced. With precision spiral bevel gears and accurate angular bearings the Compact Angle Head is perfect for small M/C's.


A product of:

Angle Head Compact Type

Compact and lightweight design is achieved with the accuracy required for drilling!

  • Combines horizontal and vertical operations in 1 setup
  • Compact design assures rigidity and strength
  • Advanced non-contact seal prevents coolant and particle contamination
  • Easy and precise setting of cutter directions
  • Automatic Tool Change w/ stop block
  • Fixed 90º spindle with cutter head adjustable a full 360º
  • BIG-PLUS® is standard
  • Superior quality components

Compact Angle Head
Angle Head Compact Type    

Angle Head Compact Type
Max 5,000 RPM



Compact and lightweight design is achieved with the accuracy required for drilling.



Angular Bearings

Angular Bearings

Accurate angular bearings
achieve good, stable runout.

Spiral Bevel Gears

Spiral Bevel Gears

The same gear design as our
full sized heads. Precisely
machined spiral bevel gears are
used for less vibration.

Special Sealing Structure

Special Sealing Structure

A special sealing structure
is used to protect against
coolant or dust penetration.

New Baby Collet

New Baby Collet:

Angle Head: NBC Type
Clamping range:
ø.098" to ø.512"
Collet class: AA
Runout: 1 µm at nose

Application Example

Application Example:

Stable machining is obtained due
to high rigidity and good runout.

ø12mm carbide drill

Workpiece: 1050 Steel

Cutting speed: 230 SFM

Cutting feed: 14.6 IPM/.008 IPR

Spindle speed:1,860 RPM


Stop Block

Stop Block

A Stop Block is necessary to mount the Angle Head on the machine.
Please order separately.

The dimensions and configuration of the Stop Block depend upon the model of the machining center. Therefore, the machine manufacturer should be referred to for advice. Semi-finished Stop Blocks are available in order to ease the fitting to a machine