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Air Power Spindle: Air Driven spindle speeders

Air Power Spindle

Air Power Spindle is an air driven tool with variable spindle speeds up to 80,000 RPM that can be used on existing machining centers to provide dramatic enhancements to surface finish quality, to extend tool life, and to reduce wear on OEM spindles. Used as an additional spindle on a normal machining center, Air Power Spindle eliminates the need for an expensive, high-speed machine.


A product of:


Air Power Spindle in action

New Advancements and Capabilities in Micro-Machining on Existing Machining Centers

  • Outstanding dynamic runout accuracy
  • Minimized Z-axis thermal displacement
  • Extended tool life
  • Superior surface finish
  • Ultra high-speed and precision
  • Automatic Tool Change w/ stop block
  • Ceramic ball bearings
  • For micro drills and end mills
  • Ultra-low vibration
  • Low noise design (within 65 dB)
  • Reduced machining time.

Plotted Position of a Test Bar at the Maximum
Spindle Speed

Most problems associated with micro-machining are caused by poor dynamic runout of a machine spindle. Air Power Spindle delivers exceptional dynamic runout accuracy of less than .00012" (.003mm) at 4xø, even at 80,000 RPM!

exceptional dynamic runout

Minimal Thermal Displacement in Z-axis

Shown to the right is the axial displacement compared to operating time. The air turbine drive prevents thermal expansion of the spindle, which is essential for high accuracy micro-machining.

High accuracy micro-machining

Reduced Machining Time

Reduced Machining Time:

Map of Japan milled with R .004" ball nose end mill

Material: NAK80 (HRC40)
Old machining time: 450 min. (20,000 RPM machining center spindle)
New machining time: 120 min. (80,000 RPM Air Power Spindle)

Extended Tool life

Extended Tool life:


Drilling with ø.020" carbide drill

Stainless steel

Old tool life: 500 holes
(12,000 RPM machining center spindle, 60 sec./hole)

New tool life: 1,200 holes (50,000 RPM Air Power Spindle, 20 sec./hole)

Micro Collet

Micro Collet:

Clamping range: ø.018" to ø.159"
Increments: .004"
Collet class: AA
Runout: 1 µm at nose

Conventional Machining Center without ATC

Conventional Machining Center without ATC:

Easily mounted on machine without stop block.