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Accu Center: high precision edge finder

Accu Center high precision edge finde

Accu Center is a high precision edge finder.


A product of:


Accu Center high precision edge finde

A safer tool assembly device!

  • Repeatability of .00012"
  • Suitable for all materials.
  • Hard chrome plated
    cylindrical stylus for
    extended life. (Not for
    use with horizontal
    machine tools)

Operation Instructions
Accu Center operation instructions


Clamp tool in a New Bayonet Chuck.


Move the stylus off center, and rotate between 400 and 600 RPM.


Bring the tool into contact with the workpiece and advance slowly until the stylus lines up with the body.


If advanced too far the stylus will again move off center. Be sure to compensate location for half the stylus diameter.